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Development trend of intelligent manufacturing and the process of manufacturing in China’s steel industry

Time : 2021-04-26 Hits : 9

On February 31, during the second (enlarged) meeting of the Sixth Council of China Steel Industry Association, the launching ceremony of the 13th five year plan scientific and technological innovation achievements exhibition of iron and steel industry and the academician Forum on the strategic direction of scientific and technological innovation of steel industry in the 14th- five year plan were successfully held. At the forum, Gan Yong, chairman of China Society of metals and academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, made a theme report on "development trend of Intelligent Manufacturing in China's iron and steel industry".
  Gan Yong introduced the development trend of Engineering Science and technology in the world in eight aspects: first, the energy system is developing in the direction of multiple, reasonable, green, clean, safe, efficient and sustainable, and the large-scale application of new energy is realized economically and reasonably; second, the environmental technology is focusing on the green economy, biodiversity and global ecological environment problems, and is marching towards the whole process prevention and control and comprehensive treatment; third, the environmental technology is focusing on the green economy, biodiversity and global ecological environment problems It is expected that electronic information technology will make a major breakthrough and deeply integrate with industry application, and develop in the direction of ubiquity, function and security; fourth, biotechnology will continue to make significant progress in the application of agriculture, medicine, energy and environment, and is expected to become an important driving force of the new modern industrial technology revolution; fifth, material technology will move towards high performance, nano, composite and integration Six is the transformation of resource development and utilization to high efficiency, safety, circular substitution and environment-friendly, and to the deep part of the earth; seven is the development of medicine to the mode of combining preventive medicine, predictive medicine, individualized medicine and participatory medicine; eight is the development of space technology to the mode of integration, grid, integration of heaven and earth, and integration With the development of deep space exploration, ocean technology is developing towards the development and utilization of deep and distant sea resources and three-dimensional observation, and the development and utilization of space and ocean has become the focus.
Gan Yong pointed out that the domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing technology, industrial development direction and breakthrough points are subdivided into advanced manufacturing technology, tool and process, including advanced general technology, intelligent manufacturing technology, advanced manufacturing process and new manufacturing technology; the second is the production and application of key products of advanced manufacturing, including high-end equipment, new material manufacturing, biology and medicine Manufacturing, new energy manufacturing, advanced engineering construction, green manufacturing; the third is the development and operation of advanced manufacturing management ability and business model, including advanced manufacturing engineering, green manufacturing and circular economy management, and new manufacturing model. Academician Gan Yong also said that the development focus of the new generation of information technology is network security and new display and integrated circuits and third-generation semiconductors. The development focus of advanced manufacturing is lithography, high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent robots and high-performance medical devices.
"The new generation of artificial intelligence technology has achieved strategic breakthrough, which laid a technical foundation for the construction of intelligent enterprises, and the intelligent economic form has emerged, which indicates the direction for the construction of intelligent enterprises." "The transformation and upgrading of the steel industry will be in the form of overcapacity in the steel industry - structural adjustment and elimination of backward capacity; the low-grade ore and coal based energy structure lead to huge environmental pressure - green, low carbon and circular development; homogenization and low cost competition cannot meet the personalized and diversified needs of customers - intelligent manufacturing will be developed to meet the diversity of customers" "Customize the requirements."
Gan Yong introduces that the intelligent production and operation needs to be carried out from the following six aspects: first, to establish real-time perception, digital and industrial Internet system. Second, the special image processing technology under complex conditions is developed. Third, establish a high-precision composite model or simulation center integrating production big data and process mechanism. Fourth, the whole process integrated control system is established through the "interface" technology. Fifth, intelligent and unmanned execution system under the harsh conditions such as high temperature. Sixth, establish intelligent operation and maintenance system of process equipment.
The existing equipment design of smart steel plant construction must consider the self perception, self-learning, self decision, self execution and self adaptation required by internationalization. Research the intelligent upgrade of equipment, improve the self-organization degree and self-organization of all kinds of reactors, furnaces, cold and hot processing and other monomer equipment. In the intelligent design of plant equipment, BIM (building information model) is introduced to design the plant through three-dimensional design, process network and equipment intelligent design software, especially the design of gas, water, electricity, gas, network, communication and other pipelines. Fully integrate the application of intelligent equipment, intelligent production line, new materials and new processes to optimize the manufacturing of technology. At the same time, it should also be based on the concept of green manufacturing and circular economy, through process improvement, energy saving and consumption reduction, reduce pollutant emissions.
The overall goal of intelligent manufacturing of future steel plants is to become the world's leading "green", "wisdom", "innovation", "quality" and "cost" future plants, and become the global leader of steel industry. In the future, the overall goal of intelligent manufacturing of steel plants will follow the intelligent manufacturing policy of "the best process, the fastest information, the best intelligence, the highest efficiency and the lowest cost". With the highest level of intelligent manufacturing architecture in the whole industry, the steel plants will build a benchmark of intelligent manufacturing of the generation ahead of their peers.
Finally, Gan Yong pointed out the key tasks for the development of process manufacturing industry, aiming to examine the gap between China and the international process manufacturing industry from the perspective of the whole industry chain and innovation chain. Based on the general idea of green and intelligent integrated, he focused on the optimization of manufacturing process structure, the improvement of new generation of ecological product technology, the establishment of manufacturing service intelligent platform, and the establishment and implementation of new business model Four key operation paths. The expected results of the development of process manufacturing industry should establish the green and intelligent theory system and evaluation system of Tamarix; achieve the goal of eliminating excess capacity, form a green and intelligent manufacturing technology group with independent intellectual property rights for processes and varieties; realize the localization of key varieties for high-end equipment manufacturing; and create a series of rules for the construction and operation of green and intelligent manufacturing process Establish a green and intelligent manufacturing and service platform based on the industrial Internet of things, open up a new business model of the industry, and form a new format of LouCheng manufacturing industry.