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Do you know the common sense of maintenance of these stainless steel furniture?

Time : 2021-09-29 Hits : 2

Metal furniture should often be scrubbed with tarpaulin and neutral detergent. Remember to clean with a dry cotton rag. If rust occurs, it can be removed with a dishwashing cloth or toothbrush stained with rust inhibitor, and then polished with a dry cloth before touch up.


Stainless steel furniture should be placed on a flat ground because of its hard quality. If you need to move the furniture, please lift it off the ground to avoid damage to your floor and furniture. It can also maintain the stainless steel furniture itself.

Stainless steel furniture should be kept away from liquids with chemical corrosion. It should be cleaned regularly and ventilated indoors. It should not be placed in wet and direct sunlight as far as possible. This can effectively increase its service life.

Similar to this stainless steel tea table, try not to place corrosive liquids, and do not directly place things that are too cold or too hot on the tea table, which may damage the surface of the furniture. It is also applicable to other stainless steel furniture.