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Market personage China's steel export will recover this year

Time : 2021-04-26 Hits : 20

The 17th strategic meeting on the development of iron and steel industry was held in Shanghai from April 10 to 11. The meeting focused on consolidating the achievements of steel capacity reduction, accelerating merger and reorganization and ultra-low emission transformation, achieving the goal of achieving peak carbon and carbon neutralization, strengthening the constraints of environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and quality, optimizing resource allocation and promoting high-quality development of the steel industry.
  Optimizing industrial structure and industry development entering a new stage:
  Houyunchun, President of China Enterprise Evaluation Association, former vice director and researcher of the development research center of the State Council, said at the meeting that the steel industry has a great advantage in China's reform and development. In China's industrial system, advanced manufacturing is the foundation. China's steel production accounts for more than half of the world. Considering the long-term development of the steel industry, especially in the context of double reduction of production capacity, we should implement the new development concept and achieve high-quality development. In the long run, not from the point of view of the price at a time, we should strive to improve the production of high-end additional products, vigorously develop new technologies for reducing steel emission and reduce the production of coarse steel. The merger and reorganization of iron and steel industry must be accelerated in the new situation and orderly competition will be realized. At present, many new challenges and opportunities are facing. The implementation of the new development concept requires the joint efforts of the whole industry.
  Wu Wenwen, founder and chairman of steel home website, believes that in the future, China's iron and steel industry will enter a high-quality development stage around the three main lines of structural adjustment, green environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing.
  Specifically, he said, China's iron and steel enterprises will build regional market scale advantage or specialized production advantage, accelerate M & A and realize the "135" goal as soon as possible (i.e., one super large iron and steel enterprise group with a scale of more than 200 million tons, three super large iron and steel enterprise groups with a scale of 50 million-100 million tons and five super large iron and steel enterprise groups with a scale of 30 million-50 million tons), so as to optimize the industrial layout and promote structural adjustment, and promote industrial restructuring The concentration will reach 75% or even higher. In terms of energy conservation and emission reduction, the iron and steel industry will accelerate the implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection and ultra-low emission transformation, further improve the comprehensive utilization level of scrap iron and steel, actively explore the application of process technology to reduce carbon emissions, and comprehensively promote green and low-carbon manufacturing in the iron and steel industry.
  In addition, the impact of science and technology services on the steel industry is increasing. Wu Wenwen believes that in the future, it will accelerate the application of information technology and digital technology such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5g technology, industrial Internet and Internet of things in the production, sales, processing, logistics and distribution of the iron and steel industry, build intelligent manufacturing plants, and realize flexible production and accurate distribution, so as to meet the diversified and personalized steel demand of downstream users.
  In the second quarter of 2021, the domestic steel market price will be mainly driven back or high-level oscillation. There is a large uncertainty in the trend of the steel market in the second half of 2021. It depends on the implementation of the policy measures for double control of steel production capacity and output, and the overall adjustment will be mainly by oscillation. In the later stage, we should pay attention to the factors such as the steel output, steel industry policy and steel export tax rebate policy adjustment, the exchange rate of USD and RMB, the global commodity price, and the monetary policy adjustment of the main central bank of China.