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Mohamed luhute, Minister of Indonesia's maritime and investment co ordination department, inspected hpal project

Time : 2021-08-26 Hits : 2

On June 23, Indonesian Minister of maritime affairs and investment coordination, luhut binsar pandjaitan, Minister of interior, Tito karnavian, Minister of transportation, Budi KARYA sumadi, Minister of investment (state investment coordination agency), bahlil lahadalia, Minister of land and spatial planning, and Sofyan djalil, Minister of land and space planning, And K. h. Abdul Gani kasuba, governor of North Maluku, and other senior Indonesian central and local government officials visited the hpal project on Obi island. Lim Gunawan hariyanto, CEO of halida group, accompanied the inspection. Zhang Baodong, on-site general manager of hpal, and Rio windy Albert, director of PTL and non-technical Support Department of hpal, gave a warm reception.


In his speech at the welcome ceremony, luhute said that pt.halmahera persada lygend was the first plant in Indonesia to produce raw materials for power batteries for electric vehicles. He was very proud to witness the start-up and commissioning of hpal project in Obi island. The commissioning of the project proves that Indonesia has the ability to play its own advantages in the field of new energy vehicle battery raw materials, and it will also drive the development of downstream industries, which is of great significance to Indonesia's electric vehicle industry.


Luhute stressed that the government will continue to support the development of Indonesia's hpal project, which represents the future development trend of the automobile industry and helps to achieve the overall level of reducing carbon emissions and protect the natural environment and ecology. At the same time, with the construction and commissioning of more and more hpal projects, it can promote more local employment and promote the rapid development of regional economy and society. In addition, the government must protect the ecological environment while supporting and protecting the development of hpal project.


Later, luhute, together with four other ministers, governor of North Maluku and CEO of halida group, Lin Jisheng, pressed the departure alarm bell, symbolizing the first shipment of 5500 tons of nickel cobalt hydroxide from pt.halmahera persada lygen. Then, luhute and his party visited the autoclave central control room, inquired about the process flow of hpal project with great interest, and wished the company to reach production as soon as possible.