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Production of stainless steel black titanium screen

Time : 2021-09-07 Hits : 13

The production process of stainless steel screen is relatively complex because many detail problems will be encountered when processing the screen, especially the welding of screen patterns. If you are not patient, there will be welding patterns, which will destroy the overall beauty of the screen and affect the user experience.

As the leader of stainless steel color, black titanium is customized by many people. The reason is nothing more than its low-key and thick feeling. It can inadvertently give people a sense of luxury and is deeply loved by the public.

The combination of black titanium and stainless steel screen, people will not specially watch the screen patterns and other details when visiting, but the screen can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment, especially under the illumination of light, which adds a sense of solemnity and low-key to the luxurious environment and makes the space more hierarchical.


When customizing stainless steel screens, you should pay attention to the following points:
1. In combination with the decoration environment, design a suitable placement position to separate the atmosphere of the space and the sense of hierarchy of the space.
2. Stainless steel screen customization should not be too thick, but it should not be too thin. It is recommended to consult professional decoration personnel.
As a furniture with a long history, the screen brings us not only beauty, but also the sense of massiness of history, so that we can taste history in our spare time.