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Stainless steel is scratch resistant and corrosion resistant, so why not use stainless steel to make cars?

Time : 2021-08-23 Hits : 11

Maybe many people have a question more or less, so why car companies don't use stainless steel to make cars? Because they think the use of stainless steel can effectively, scratch and corrosion resistance.

Compared with the commonly used galvanized steel sheet and aluminum alloy materials, it has certain advantages, but the manufacturing of a car needs to consider a variety of factors, a single advantage can not be used as a reason to use the material.

For example, if we consider the cost, stainless steel has no advantage at all, because as early as the last century, it was guaranteed Shijie also tried to use stainless steel to make cars, but the high cost made it give up the idea immediately after manufacturing once. It is understood that the price of stainless steel is almost three times that of galvanized steel, so it is wise for manufacturers not to use stainless steel. After all, they also need to control costs to make profits.


However, in addition to the most important cost factor, there are several reasons why automobile enterprises do not use stainless steel. The first reason is that stainless steel has stronger anti-corrosion ability than galvanized steel, because with the development of spraying technology, the anti-corrosion ability of "chromium plated steel" used in automobile is far stronger than ordinary steel. The second reason is that in terms of material weight, the weight of stainless steel is three times higher than that of aluminum alloy. This fact is also an important reason why stainless steel is not favored by manufacturers. After all, the biggest advantage of light material is the decrease of fuel consumption, and energy saving and emission reduction is just the requirement of the times, which is the trend of the times.


The third reason is that the strength of stainless steel itself is not enough to support the weight of a car, and its yield strength is not up to the applicable frame standard. The fourth reason is that the tensile strength of stainless steel is not up to the standard, which can not meet the stamping requirements when manufacturing body parts, so it is easy to become brittle in the stamping process. Although it can barely meet the standard with some processes, the new production process also means the rising cost, so back to the cost factor, there is no need to use stainless steel.


Therefore, for the above reasons, the stainless steel material is naturally abandoned by the manufacturers, and we don't need to ask more about the reasons why the manufacturers don't use the stainless steel material when the current automobile can meet the daily needs.