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Stainless steel partition and stainless steel screen are popular in the decoration market

Time : 2021-09-20 Hits : 2

With the development of modern society and the improvement of living standards, screen partition is more and more widely used in home life. Among them, stainless steel partition screen is loved by everyone. Stainless steel screen partition is not only a furniture, but also a decoration that shows the owner's taste, making your living environment more stylish.


Advantages of stainless steel screen partition: stainless steel is one of the strongest metal materials in daily use. Stainless steel partition will not produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear like traditional wood materials. Because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, it can permanently maintain the integrity of engineering design for structural components. It can meet the needs of architects and structural designers and maintain long-term durable effect and artistic effect.

Stainless steel partition has built-in structure and can be reused. All connections and fixation are completed inside the product, and can be disassembled and reused. Wires can be laid inside the frame. There is no need for wall embedding, the maintenance and replacement of wires are more convenient, and the strong and weak current are separated.

Stainless steel partition, sound insulation and fire prevention. Built in sealant strip plays the role of sound insulation and dust prevention. The partition system is all composed of metal structure, and the stainless steel partition has the functions of fire prevention, moisture prevention and corrosion prevention.

The stainless steel partition has no pollution and peculiar smell. It can be put into use immediately after installation, and the traditional materials will be confused by formaldehyde. Stainless steel partition matching door lock style is flexible. The door can be matched with or without glass frame. Beautiful hair highlights taste.