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US steel industry sends a joint letter to Biden calling for the maintenance of steel tariffs on Europe

Time : 2021-08-16 Hits : 13

According to reports, US steel industry organizations jointly sent a letter to US President Biden, hoping that Biden would maintain the current steel tariff, saying that abolishing the tariff now would damage the production capacity of the steel industry.

In June 2018, the trump government imposed 25% and 10% tariffs on the EU's steel and aluminum, respectively, on the grounds of national security. After many unsuccessful negotiations, the EU soon introduced countermeasures.

The European Union and the United States reached an agreement this week to temporarily stop the escalation of trade disputes, but the six-month truce agreement retains the U.S. metal tariffs and EU retaliatory tariffs.

The European Union said it hoped the United States would abolish metal tariffs first. The U.S. steel industry took the lead in expressing its opposition, with the American Iron and Steel Association, the iron and Steel Manufacturers Association, the United Steelworkers union and other organizations participating in the joint letter.