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What are the customization processes for stainless steel processing

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Stainless steel processing customization process must be carried out according to reasonable steps in production and processing. I believe everyone is familiar with stainless steel overall cabinet. Stainless steel integral cabinet is simply a cabinet made of stainless steel. It evolved from stainless steel kitchenware in the hotel canteen. The concept formulation and formation of family stainless steel cabinet are slightly later than wooden cabinet. What are the processes for customizing stainless steel integral cabinet? The specific production and processing products are different, so the customized processing process is also different. The following will introduce the production and processing of stainless steel lattice and the process of stainless steel overall cabinet. Let's have a detailed understanding.


How to customize stainless steel lattice processing factory?
The commonly used colors produced by stainless steel lattice processing plant are: light gold, golden yellow, rose gold, copper, coffee, black, milky white, bright silver, bright red, purple, light pink, green, etc. any color can also be adjusted according to the needs of the overall design scheme to achieve the overall unity of the decoration effect. Stainless steel lattice not only maintains good ventilation and light transmittance of the space, but also creates the effect of "separation without separation and exquisiteness".
1. The construction must be carried out according to the design drawings, and the selected material specifications, varieties and colors shall meet the design and installation requirements.
2. Up to now, the investigation and construction environment is the primary necessity. The main purpose of the investigation and construction environment is to measure the site size and analyze the site installation conditions.
3. Record the position of the base and ceiling, the accurate distance from top to bottom, front to back, specific installation position, etc. to customize the final construction scheme.
4. During installation, set out the position control line of the lattice on the indoor ground according to the construction drawing, and lead the screen position line to the side wall and ceiling. When snapping the line, the installation position of the fixed parts shall be snapped.
5. Fix the screen position according to the snapping line, install the lattice fasteners, and the installation can be completed.


1. Sign an order
When fully understand the market, have a clear understanding of the product quality, service, strength and style of each cabinet manufacturer. After determining the manufacturer, sign an order and pay a deposit in advance. This deposit will be returned after signing the contract.

2. Appointment time
After signing the order, the customer can ask the measurement designer to conduct on-site measurement. As designing a kitchen is a professional job, finding an experienced designer can get twice the result with half the effort.

3. Design kitchen
Customers, survey designers and construction personnel of home decoration companies need to plan the kitchen layout and determine the location of waterways, circuits and electrical appliances. The survey designer shall provide waterway and circuit diagrams and meet the construction standards.

4. Design cabinet
When the waterways, circuits and wall and floor tiles are all in place, the accurate measurement can ensure that the overall kitchen fits perfectly. Note:
1. Whether there is enough space in cooking area, washing area, storage area and cooking area.
2. Whether the height of the hanging cabinet and the height of the table meet the actual needs of ergonomics and cookers.
3. Whether the space outside the stainless steel integral cabinet can meet the normal operation requirements.

5. Sign a contract
After the design scheme is determined, a supply contract shall be signed, and consumers shall carefully analyze the contents of various terms of the contract.

6. Delivery installation
The delivery and installation of cabinets are generally free. Before delivery, the manufacturer shall make an appointment with the customer in advance according to the time agreed in the contract.

7. Acceptance inspection
Conduct a comprehensive inspection on the stainless steel integral cabinet, and the electrical appliances shall be accepted according to the manufacturer's commitment and relevant national standards. If the acceptance is qualified, the balance shall be paid off. The customization process of stainless steel processing has been introduced above by taking the production and processing of two products as examples. It can be found that the specific stainless steel products are different, so the production and processing process is also different.