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What are the processing categories of color stainless steel screens?

Time : 2021-10-11 Hits : 3

With the rapid development of China's stainless steel industry, more products made of stainless steel materials are widely used in various industries. Nowadays, decorations made of stainless steel can be seen everywhere, such as stainless steel hollow screen and so on. Now people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. The single color stainless steel decorations can not meet people's needs. The color stainless steel screen appears in life, and the processing and production price of color stainless steel hollow screen is not very expensive.

Before processing the color stainless steel hollow out screen, the processing drawings and other factors of the screen shall be determined first, so as to ensure that the finished products processed and produced by the screen can fully serve the needs, and avoid modifying some parameters of the product during the processing, resulting in the delay of the construction period or defects in the quality of the product.


The surface treatment of color stainless steel screen can be divided into electroplating, water plating, fluorocarbon spraying, painting, etc. among them, painting is easy to fall, so it is rarely used, and there are many ways of electroplating. At present, the very popular titanium, rose gold, champagne, black titanium plate and colorful lamp are processed in this way. The representative of water plating is ancient copper aging. Copper plating is carried out on the surface of stainless steel screen, and then aging treatment is carried out. The specific colors can be green bronze and red bronze (the depth of deployment does not pass, and there can be a lot of colors).

Color stainless steel screen classification:

Classified according to the processing of color stainless steel screen
Color stainless steel laser hollowed out screen color and stainless steel welding polishing screen
1. Color stainless steel laser hollow screen process:
After surface treatment, vacuum plating and then laser hollowing out the screen
2. Process of color stainless steel welding and polishing screen:
After surface treatment, it is processed with tube or plate, then welded and polished, and colored by vacuum electroplating