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◎Metal custom product

1. Metal Partition/ Divider


Customer can send CAD drawing, or we can design for customer request.

● Material: Stainless steel 304 316L 201 430. Aluminium. Iron.
● Size: Customized
● Thickness: 0.5mm-3.0mm
● Surface finishes: Mirror, HairLine, SandBlast, Lamination,
● Color: Champagne, titanium gold, rose gold,  black, red wine, coffee, wooden, black, silver, antique bronze, copper.
● Producing method: Laser cutting, bending, welding, grooving, pvd coating.
● Usage: Room, hotel, KTV, office, lobby space, restaurant.

 2. Metal decorative ceiling


Professional designer can custom for you. We will design as your requirements, provide you CAD file before confirming to produce.

● Material: stainless steel (200series/300series/400series)
● Application: Hotel, Villa, Apartment, Office Building, Hospital, School, Shopping Mall, Banquet Hall
● Main Production Process: Cutting,CNC Punching,Laser Cutting,Bending, Welding, Shaping.
● Color Chart: RAL Color,Dulex Color,etc.Customized.
● Surface Treatment: Brushed, Film Coated, Roll Coated, Spray Painted.

 3. Metal outdoor decoration


Total solution for projects. With lights avalible.

● Standard: AiSi, ASTM, bs, DIN, GB, JIS, AISI, ASTM, BS,DIN, GB, JIS
● Application: Hotel,shopping mall,building wall plate
● Processing Service: Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching

 4. Stainless Steel Profile


Frame/ Trim/ Channel/ Profile are deal for edging, joining, and the inside and outside corners of your stainless steel sheet metal or back splash panels. This is a great product for any application where a high quality, long lasting product is required. The trim is available in 304, 316, and 430 stainless steel, and #4, #8, BA, and 2B finishes to match any stainless steel. Stainless steel trim are a high end, heavy duty option that is perfect for any demanding application.

● Shape: T, V, U, L, slot, customized
● Processing: Bending, Welding, Punching, Cutting, Grooving, Decoiling
● Material: Stainless steel 304 and 316, aluminium, Gavanized Steel,
● Application: Decoration, Building, Tile Accessories
● Size: Customized available

5. Stainless Steel Furniture


Furniture stainless steel part, with variety surface treatment and designs, provide any style of furniture.

● Application: Table, Chair, Shelf, Counter, Banquet Dinner furniture, Cabinet.
● Style: Modern, Classic, Concise, Luxury...
●Color: Golden, Black , Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, Bronze, Antique Copper
●Surface finishes: HairLine, Satin, Brush, Mirror, Super Mirror, Embossed, Etching, 2b, BA, No.4, 8k, vibration, pvd color coated, titanium, sand blasted, AFP(anti-finger-print).

6. Other customized metal product
Metal Decorative Wire Mesh


● Plain Weave: also called tabby weave, linen weav or taffeta weave, is the most basic type of weaves. In plain weave, the warp and weft are aligned so they form a simple criss-cross pattern. Each weft thread crosses the warp threads by going over one, then under the next, and so on. The next weft thread goes under the warp threads that its neighbor went over, and vice versa.

Twill Weave: In a twill weave, each weft or filling yarn floats across the warp yarns in a progression of interlaces to the right or left, forming a distinct diagonal line. This diagonal line is also known as a wale. A float is the portion of a yarn that crosses over two or more yarns from the opposite direction.

Plain Dutch Weave: similar with plain weave, just the weft and warp wire have different wire diameter and different mesh size.

Twill Dutch Weave: similar with twill weave, just the weft and warp wire have different wire diameter and different mesh size.

Reverse Dutch Weave: difference from standard Dutch weave lies in the thicker warp wires and less weft wires.

Normal mesh sieze:
plain weave: 0.5X0.5mesh to 635X635 mesh;
twill weave:20x20mesh to 400x400mesh;
plain dutch weave:10X64mesh to 80X700mesh;
twill dutch weave:20x250mesh to 400X2800mesh;
reversed dutch weave: 48x10mesh to 720x150mesh.

Color: Golden, Black , Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, Bronze, Antique Copper

Stainless Steel Type: 201,304,316L

Custom Metal Art Product


We can provide detailed drawings with sizes. And then it is easy for customers to install the sculptures. We can make this sculpture with different sizes, so it is very suitable to put in gardens, parks, plazas, schools, etc.

● Application: Park,Garden,Hotel,Mall
Surface treatment: Mirror, HairLine, SandBlast, Lamination
Color: Champagne, titanium gold, rose gold, black, red wine, coffee, wooden, black, silver, antique bronze, copper.
Producing method: Laser cutting, bending, welding, grooving, pvd coating.
Size: Customized

◎Stainless Steel Color Sheet

We have a big and professional stainless steel cold rolling factory, bright anneal & shear cut line, professionally in producing and fabricating stainless steel cold rolling materials, from which monthly yeild around 1000 tons. Our products are mainly applied in deep drawing and other special use. We specialized in producing cold rolled slit coil with thickness between 0.15-3.0 mm, width 20mm~1240mm, with no length limitation. Besides, customized size can be made comply with your requirement.

We insist on a commitment 'high quality, competitive price and good after-sales service', which is well recognized by many clients. We have built long-term and stable stainless steel fabrication and distribution relationships both in domestic and oversea market.

● Grade: 300 Series, 200 series 300 series 400 series
  Application: Decoration,wall panel, elevator, advertisement words, Interior and architecture design, Kitchenware, Tanks, Food Processing, cutlery, construction, household hardware, surgical instruments, major appliances, industrial equipment and as an automotive and aerospace structural alloy.
Edge: Slit edge or mill edge
Materials Mill: Baosteel,Posco,Krupp,Lisco,Jisco,JiuGang,Tisco
Special request: Can be customized
Surface Finished:
BA: Bright heat treatment after cold rolling. Use in Ktchen utenstil, Kitchen ware, Architectural purpose.
2B: Finished by heat treatment, pickling after cold rolling, followed by skin pass line to more brighter and smooth surface. Use in general application medical instruments, Tableware.
NO.1: Finished by hot-rolling, annealing and pickling, characterized by white pickled surface. Use in Chemical industry equipment, Industrial tanks.
8K(mirror): A mirror-like reflective surface by polishing with finer abrasives over 800 mesh. Use in Refletor, Mirror, Interior- Exterior decoration for building.
HairLine: Finished by continuous linear polishing. Use in architecture industries, Escalators, Kitchen ware, Vehicles.
Color: Champagne, titanium gold, rose gold,  black, red wine, coffee, wooden, black, silver, antique bronze, copper.

1. Stainless Steel Mirror Sheet:
2. Stainless Steel HairLine Sheet:
3. Stainless Steel Etching Sheet:

4. Stainless Steel Elevator Sheet:

5.Stainless Steel Embossed/ Hammer/ Stamped/ Punched Sheet

6.Stainless Steel PVD coating

7. Stainless Steel Color Coils

◎Stainless Steel Material Wholesale

1. Stainless Steel coil/ sheet/ Plate/ Strip


We have our stainless steel coil producing line, can provide 3000 ton material per month.

● Standard: AiSi, ASTM, DIN, EN, GB, JIS
● Material: 200 Series/300 Series/400series
● Technique: Hot rolled/Cold rolled
● Size Description:
● Width: 1000mm,1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm or as your request.
● Thickness: 0.2mm-150mm;
● Length: 2000mm, 2438mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 6000mm or customized
● Original material: Hong Wang/ TSINGSHAN/TISCO/ BAOSTEEL/ POSCO/ JISCO/ LISCO, etc.
● Application: Architectural decoration, luxury doors, elevators decorating, metal tank shell, ship building, decorated inside the train, as well as outdoor works, advertising nameplate, the ceiling and cabinets, aisle panels, screen, the tunnel project, hotels, guest houses, entertainment, place, kitchen equipment, light industrial and others..
● Surface finish: 2B/BA/HL/NO.4/8K/Embossed/Gold/Rose Gold/Black

● Composition table:

201≤0 .15≤0 .755. 5-7. 5≤0.06≤ 0.033.5 -5.516 .0 -18.0-
202≤0 .15≤l.07.5-10.0≤0.06≤ 0.034.0-6.017.0-19.0-
301≤0 .15≤l.0≤2.0≤0.045≤ 0.036.0-8.016.0-18.0-
302≤0 .15≤1.0≤2.0≤0.035≤ 0.038.0-10.017.0-19.0-
304≤0 .0.08≤1.0≤2.0≤0.045≤ 0.038.0-10.518.0-20.0-
304L≤0.03≤1.0≤2.0≤0.035≤ 0.039.0-13.018.0-20.0-
309S≤0.08≤1.0≤2.0≤0.045≤ 0.0312.0-15.022.0-24.0-
310S≤0.08≤1.5≤2.0≤0.035≤ 0.0319.0-22.024.0-26.0
316≤0.08≤1.0≤2.0≤0.045≤ 0.0310.0-14.016.0-18.02.0-
316L≤0 .03≤1.0≤2.0≤0.045≤ 0.0312.0 - 15.016 .0 -1 8.02.0 -
321≤ 0 .08≤1.0≤2.0≤0.035≤ 0.039.0 - 13 .017.0 -1 9.0-
630≤ 0 .07≤1.0≤1.0≤0.035≤ 0.033.0-5.015.5-17.5-
904L≤ 2 .0≤0.045≤1.0≤0.035-23.0·28.019.0-23.04.0-5.0
2520≤0.08≤1.5≤2.0≤0.045≤ 0.030.19 -0. 220. 24 -0 . 26-
410≤0.15≤1.0≤1.0≤0.035≤ 0.03-11.5-13.5-
430≤0.1 2≤0.75≤1.0≤ 0.040≤ 0.03≤0.6016.0 -18.0-

2. Stainless Steel Welded Tube & Bar
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● Grade: 316L 304 201
● Thickness: 0.12-6.0mm
● Shape: Square, rectangle, round, slot
● Length: 10cm ~ 6 meter or any custom made
● Surface Polish: Mill Finish, Brush Polish, 320Grit, 400Grit, 600Grit, Mirror Polish, Hair Line Polish and Chrome Plated.
● Application: Building material, ornamental tubing, Ship Hardware, Swimming Pool, Grab Bar, Safety Products, Exhaust, Kitchen Furniture and Bathroom Shelf, Handrail, Ladder.
PVD color available Champagne, rose gold, rose red, coffee gold, black gold, brown, black, red copper, antique copper, brass, titanium, grey, violet, bronze, sapphire, jade green, etc
● Packing: Each for Poly bag, Carton, Bundle, Steel crate, Wooden crate, Wooden case or customer request.
● Size:

Stainless Steel Round Pipe



Stainless Steel square Pipe



Stainless Steel Slot Pipe

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● Surface: brush polish,180/240/320/400/600 grit, mirror polishing, hairline polish available.
● Material: 304 316L
● Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS, GB
● Application: handrail, fence, balustrade etc.
● Single/Double (90/180°) slotted round tube
● OD: 25.4-88.9mm
● Slot: 15*15-26*33mm
● Thickness: 1.0-2.5mm
● Single/Double (90/180°) slotted square tube
● OD: 25x25-50x100mm
● Slot: 15*15-26*33mm
● Thickness: 1.0-2.5mm

Stainless Steel Angle Bar



Stainless Steel Flat Bar



Stainless Steel Square Bar



Stainless Steel Channel C Bar